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Are you nice to be near?
11 Jul 2005

Now that the cooler weather is here, I guess you are beginning to rug up to keep warm.

  • School shoes or sneakers and socks are back in fashion, as it’s just too cold or wet to be wearing anything else.
  • Classroom heaters will be cranking up and mornings are really rather chilly!

As the day goes on though, the warm classroom can start to get a bit, well, smelly!

How can this be avoided?

Well, maybe it’s a good time to be looking at our topic on Personal hygiene!

Keeping yourself and your clothes clean and smelling sweet in the summer is pretty easy, because having a shower or a swim is a great way to keep cool as well. Have you noticed that showers seem to get shorter in the cold weather?

Wearing heavier clothes that take a long time to dry when the sun isn’t as warm can mean that they don’t get washed as often too. If you want to be nice to be near, then there are lots of ideas in our topic.

And, you can always ask if you can open a window or two!