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Stress- learn to deal with it
18 Jul 2005

Do you get all stressed at times? Lots of adults do. Lots of kids do too.

What happens to your body when you feel stressed?

  • Shoulders hunch up
  • Heart beats faster
  • You feel upset
  • You feel nervous
  • Maybe you feel sick
  • Maybe you feel tired out
  • Maybe you don’t sleep well, and then you feel even more tired and stressed
  • Maybe you catch any passing germ and become sick.

Lots of kids are now learning how to relax and even how to meditate to deal better with stress. Some kids are even learning how to meditate in school.

Being healthy is to do with food, fitness and feelings.

If you are feeling unhappy and stressed, then your fitness suffers and you don’t feel like eating properly (do you go for the 'munchies' if you are feeling upset?)

Learn how to relax and keep stress away. Our topic on Anxiety-when you are worrying about things may help you work out what is worrying you and give you some ideas on what to do about it.

If you want to learn more about relaxation, then look at Stress-learning to relax.