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Answering your questions - "Are pimples caused by stress?"
25 Jul 2005

Most kids starting puberty will have a few problems with pimples.

  • The hormone changes in the body can mean that more oil is produced in the skin, and hair gets greasy too.
  • Pores getting blocked with oil, dirt and germs causes pimples.

acneNo one likes pimples. They do seem to arrive at the worst possible time don't they? - usually when you want to look good, or just before something you've been looking forward to.

So maybe there is some reason to believe that pimples are triggered by stress. Every day we all have to deal with lots of things happening to us and around us. Learning to cope with stress is really helpful.
Stress - learning to relax may give you some tips.

If you want to improve your chance of avoiding pimples or acne, look at our topic Zits for some ideas.

Being careful about keeping yourself clean is also helpful. Our topics on Caring for your skin and Personal hygiene may give you some ideas. You will find them both in the Nearly Teens section.

But do remember that other kids get pimples too, so they know how you feel. Your friends and family will still like you even if you are covered in pimples!

Just when I want to look great,
When I want to feel really 'ace',
Out pop those horrible pimples
And completely cover my face.
Mum says that everyone gets them,
And they'll all be gone 'one day',
But, oh, why couldn't that 'one day'
Be now! Right now! Today!