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Sleep patterns
15 Aug 2005

Do you have problems getting to sleep? Maybe you have problems getting up? I know that I find it very hard sometimes to get out of my nice warm bed on winter mornings.

When you were very young, sleeping was probably not a problem. Babies and toddlers can be hurrying around one minute, and fall asleep the next, wherever they are — even if they’re eating at the time!

As you get older, you want to stay up longer at night because that is when the family is home, and you probably have homework and sport or other after school activities too. But you still need to get enough sleep so that your growing body can rest, repair and grow.

feelings"Are you out of that bed yet? Are you dressed? You're going to be late! I'll have to leave without you." Does this sound familiar?

Research shows that kids going through puberty often have a change of sleeping patterns - and I thought it was just something that teenagers do to stress out their poor old mums and dads!

If you are having problems sleeping, our topic on Sleep may be able to give you some ideas. Stress - learning to relax may have some ideas that could work for you if you are waking up feeling as tired as when you went to bed.