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End of winter sports
22 Aug 2005

It's almost the end of the winter season sports, and soon we will be thinking about starting the summer season sports. School ovals will be taking down soccer goals and getting the cricket pitch ready, and heaps of kids will be starting to practise their bowling ready for the big games at recess and lunch But what if you are not into cricket? What else can you play on the Oval?

exerciseWell, what about baseball or softball? (using a soft tennis ball of course, because the real balls could be dangerous on an oval full of kids of all ages).

How about asking if you can put up a volleyball net and play volleyball? Maybe now is a good time to start practising for athletics. You could run, long jump, even use hurdles if you ask the teacher on duty to keep an eye out for you.

Of course there are still all-season games like netball or basketball. Hand tennis, throwing at a target and skipping can usually all fit into this area. Maybe your school has other games that you are keen to practise too.

Team sports are maybe not your thing but why not get a hoop and learn how to spin it around your waist, practise ball skills against a wall or make up a dance to show your class?

After sitting down for ages in a classroom, you need to move those bodies and get the blood zooming round! How good does it feel!

Get out there, get active, have fun and don't forget your hat.