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Wash your hands!
29 Aug 2005

Do you wash your hands before you have lunch at school? Why should you wash your hands before you eat?

Well, as you know there are lots of germs (bacteria and viruses) around, particularly at this time of year. If someone has a cold, when they cough or sneeze, the germs fly out huge distances (if they are not quick enough with the tissues). The germs land on books, desks, other people and of course on the hands of the 'sick' person'.

These germs can be spread when the person goes out at recess and plays with a ball, or shares their recess with a friend, or when someone in the classroom touches all the surfaces where the germs have landed.

Other people get the germs on their hands and then perhaps put them in their mouths when they eat their lunch. Our immune systems are used to dealing with anything that gets into the body – but sometimes the system just can't cope and we get sick.

Why not help your body to cope by washing hands often, and especially before eating.

Our topic on Personal hygiene will give you some more ideas on staying away from the germs that can make you sick. If you already have a cold, look up Colds and Flu for some ideas to help you get better quickly and how not to share it with all your friends.