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When you're the kid in the middle
05 Sep 2005

A lot of kids nowadays live between their parents, because their parents have decided to live apart for some reason. Some of the time they are with mum and the rest of the time they are with dad.

Are you or your friend one of them?

Maybe you are with mum during the week and dad at weekends, or the other way round. Maybe you are with mum one week and dad the next. Maybe you only see mum or dad during the holidays.

However it works with your parents, it can be a bit tough on the kid at times. Maybe you never have the right stuff with you – especially things like homework and projects or sports gear – because it can take a lot of organising when you have two places to live. Maybe mum and dad live a long way apart, and it can be really hard to get to school sometimes.

Maybe mum and dad fight about you or say bad things about each other to you. Maybe you feel like you are being asked to act like a spy for one of them.

If you are feeling uncomfortable about the situation you are in, then you need to talk. Talk to mum or dad, talk to your trusted adults and keep talking until things get better.

Our topics on Divorce and Keeping yourself safe may give you some ideas about coping with how things are for you.