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School uniforms
19 Sep 2005

Most schools have a school uniform, so you don't have to choose what to wear for 5 days of the week.

Usually the school will make it clear what colours and styles, sometimes even brands of clothing you are allowed to wear as school uniform.

Every kid likes to have a whinge about the school uniform from time to time - but have you thought about why school uniforms were 'invented'?

  • Kids can be recognised as being from a particular school.
  • Everyone looks the same, feels part of the school, and gets treated equally.
  • The clothes are practical for the kind of activities that take place in school. Think about casual days and what some people wear - how appropriate would that expensive clothing be for wearing every day?
  • Fewer clothes are needed - and for the parents of kids who are always growing out of clothes, that must be a big relief.
  • For kids, it means that the pressure is off to look trendy and in the latest gear, because everyone has to wear the same.

Have you noticed that kids often wear similar clothes in their casual times too. Isn't that a kind of uniform? Why? Because you want to look like part of the group.

Being part of the group helps you feel safe and that you belong, and most people like that feeling.