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In the second week of the holidays
10 Oct 2005

Have you emptied your schoolbag yet? Uh oh! Don’t tell me that you didn't get out your lunchbox, and there are dead sandwiches and dying pieces of fruit still in there.

Time for a clean out!

Get rid of all those worksheets, chewed pencils, and pens without lids, and get your pencil case reorganised. Do you need new pencils, felt-tip pens, biros, ruler, pencil sharpener or erasers? Now is a good time to get it all organised.

backpackMaybe you could wash your backpack too - check with mum or dad if you can put it in the washing machine. Or perhaps you will you have to get out in the yard with a bucket of soapy water and a hose.

Don't forget to check that the straps are in the right place when it is ready to be used again. Loose straps can make it hard to balance your backpack properly.

Have you checked out your school uniform? Maybe you will need to buy some summer uniform stuff and sandals ready for the warmer weather. Have you got sunscreen and can you find your hat?

Get everything ready early in the week, then you can enjoy the rest of your holiday without stressing out at the last minute trying to find all the stuff you need for the new term.