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17 Oct 2005

Everyone is unique and special in some way. We all want to be thought of as special in some way to someone.

respectAnd that's just it! Everyone is special, so everyone wants to be treated with respect.

  • Respect means that you think about your feelings and the feelings of others.
  • You think about your rights and remember that everyone has those rights.
  • You want to be treated fairly and you need to know that everyone else wants to be treated fairly.
  • You want a fair share and so does everyone else.
  • Sometimes kids say things like, "It's not fair", "No-one lets me" or "She did it last time".

One of the most important things that you can learn at school is how to have respect. Our new topic Respect - a way of life can give you some ideas on how to get and give respect.

If everyone respects everyone else, then we will all be happy.