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Menstruation -having a period
31 Oct 2005

The topics about menstruation (having a period) are always very popular - a lot of kids look at them every month.

We have a topic called Menstruation – facts and questions, which we add to from time to time as more questions, come in.

  • If you have questions about having a period. then look at this topic.

If you have other questions, let us know using the feedback button, and we'll add them to the topic.

Starting periods can be a bit worrying. Remember that every female knows about this, so never feel embarrassed to talk to someone if you are worried.

pubertyWhen girls first start having periods, they may take quite a while to settle down into a regular cycle or pattern. Even when periods have been regular for ages, sometimes they can become irregular or stop for a while.

Stress, over-exercising and losing too much weight can affect your hormones, which then affect your periods.

If you are worried, talk to mum, another trusted adult and your doctor. Worrying and doing nothing about your worries is not a good idea.

There is no need to feel embarrassed talking about having periods - it is something about which every woman has first hand experience!