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07 Nov 2005

The one thing we can be sure of about our lives is that things will change.

Everything is changing all the time including us.

  • Some changes are good, like growing big enough to be able to do things we couldn't do when we were small.
  • Some changes are bad, like having to leave friends behind when you move house.
  • Some changes are really sad, like when someone you love dies.

It is hard for us to cope with the death of someone who has always been part of our lives. It is particularly hard when that someone is your mum or dad, and you're only a kid.

Nothing can make that person come back, but there are things you can do to help yourself and others in your family.

  • You can learn to accept what has happened.
  • You can share your grief with your family.
  • You can remember the parent you lost.
  • You can live your life.

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