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21 Nov 2005

Now that it's getting warmer and we are into daylight saving, we can all get outside more at the end of the day. Time to play games, have fun, practise sports skills and maybe go in the pool!

Great! But have you had a look round the garden recently? After all the rain, lots of plants have grown really quickly.

* Do you have any bits of 'jungle' in your garden?
* Are there any rocky areas or pieces of wood or rubbish lying around?

It's time to help the family clean up.

Why? Well, apart from making your backyard look neater, cleaning up will give you a safer area to play.

* safe from slipping on weeds, safe from tripping over stuff lying around…
* safe from snakes who like to make their homes in hidden places, eg. under a piece of old fence or around rocks.

Take care if you are helping to clean up.

  • Wear long trousers, long sleeved jumpers, boots and gloves.
  • Be noisy.
  • Use a spade or some other tool to lift the edge of something to check underneath.
  • Remember that spiders can be pretty bitey too.

Our safety category has lots of topics that may help. Look at Safety from fire and Snake bites.

Have a safe summer!