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Fire safety
28 Nov 2005

Now that the weather is getting warmer, it is time to think about making our homes safe for the summer.

Many people live in the city, some people live in the hills, and others live out in the country. It is important for everyone, wherever they live, to know what to do in the case of fire.

With all the rain that we have had recently in South Australia, there has been a big growing spurt from grasses, plants and trees. Now is the time to have a check around your home to see how safe from fire you are.

  • When did you last have a practice fire drill at your house?
  • Do you know what to do if there was a fire at your house?
  • Who would you ask for help if mum or dad were not there?

Our topic on Safety from fire has lots of ideas that you can check out with your family.

There is also a fire safety check that you can print out, check up on and help keep your family safe.