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Keep safe during the holidays
19 Dec 2005

Isn't it great to be on holiday? Lots of time to do what you want, time to play outside, time to swim, meet friends and do so many other things. Many of your activities will be outside, if we are lucky with the weather.

Do you go to the Vacswim swimming lessons at your local pool or beach? They're a great idea. You learn how to swim and how to keep safe in water in the pool, at the beach and at the river or anywhere else you find enough water to cool down in.

If you want to join in these lessons, then ask at your local Library, pool or check out the website:
Or call (08) 8372 6044 to find your nearest place for lessons - and hurry or you could miss out!

If you can't get to lessons, then look at our topics on keeping safe - there are lots of them about looking after yourself when you are outdoors.

Whatever you are doing outside, remember:

  • Slip on a tee shirt
  • Slop on the sunscreen
  • Slap on a hat
  • And Wrap on the sunnies to protect your eyes.

And stay safe from the harmful effects of the sun. Our topic on Sunburn may help you to remember.