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Kids and adult parties
26 Dec 2005

It's the party season - warmer weather, holidays, and more time to have fun, not just for kids but for adults too. Adults enjoy get-togethers and parties, and sometimes kids get to go along too.

Are you having a party at your house? Are your parents taking you to a party at their friends' house?

Parties can be a lot of fun, but when it is a mixed party where young and older people are together, then kids need to keep themselves safe.

Here are a few tips.

  • Hang out with the other kids.
  • Stay away from alcohol.
    It may seem exciting and grown up to sneak a drink of some kind of alcohol, but alcohol and kids do not mix well at all!
    Kids bodies can't deal with even a small amount of alcohol. Although drinking alcohol may seem really cool, throwing up or staggering about feeling really dizzy is definitely not cool.
  • Stay away from adults who have too much to drink. If they are not in control of their bodies you could be hurt in some way.
  • Ask where you can sleep if you feel tired.
  • Ask which parent is driving home afterwards so that you can be sure of getting safely home again.

Enjoy the music and socialising with other kids, but if you feel uncomfortable about going to an adult party then ask if you can stay with someone else in the family, or at a friend's place, or with a baby sitter.

That way your parents can enjoy the party and you will be safe.

Adult parties are really for adults, not kids.