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Keeping warm in winter
07 Jul 2008

It's cold in the mornings, isn't it? Sometimes it can be cold all day. Sometimes it can be warm in the middle of the day and start to go really cold again just after school ends.

So how do you keep warm?

  • Have a shower when you get up.
  • Dress in layers, so that you can take off a jumper or jacket when it's warmer or you're in the classroom, then put it on again when you need it to go outside (it really isn't cool to be turning blue because you want to look tough in a t-shirt).
  • Start the day with breakfast to power up your body.
  • Move around whenever you can to warm up your muscles.
  • Eat a healthy lunch.
  • Don't sit about at recess or lunch. Play a game or walk around.
  • a bowl of soupDon't sit around in wet clothes.
  • Soup is very warming in winter. Maybe you could take a flask of soup from home, start a soup club in your class, or maybe the canteen sells soup.
  • Wear a hat outdoors. If your head is warm, the rest of you can be too.

If you are shivering, then that's your body's way of trying to warm up your muscles.

You may notice that the hairs on your arms and legs try to trap any warm air next to your skin by standing up on end.

It may be a good idea to carry a spare pair of socks in your schoolbag. Wet socks and shoes can feel very cold and uncomfortable.