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You're sweet enough!
21 Jul 2008

Eating healthily doesn't just mean cutting down on fats and junk food. Eating too much sugar might mean that you don't feel hungry enough to eat the foods that are better for you. Sugar gives a burst of instant energy but it doesn't last long. Sugar is also bad for your teeth.

So go easy on the lollies and soft drinks, and get mum to check how much sugar is in the processed food that she buys. You can find sugar in the most unlikely things, like canned soup and vegetables.

Choose a breakfast cereal that is low in sugar, or it could be doing you more harm than good. Our topic on Food labels - what do they mean may be helpful.

You don't have to give up on sweet treats altogether. Make sure that it is a real treat - one that you only eat on special occasions. Remember, if you want a strong and healthy body and a sweet taste too, go low on sugar and high on fruit.

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