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Second semester
28 Jul 2008

Now is the time to get thinking about the second semester of the year. All that means is that you've had half a year or 2 terms of school, and now the next 2 terms are leading to the end of the year.

You should be well and truly organized by now. But, even if you are not doing too well or are having problems at school, you have a new start at the beginning of the term.

  • Think about setting yourself some goals.
  • Think about trying out for a team or joining a club.
  • If you are not very organized think about how you can improve.

Our new topic on Getting clever will give you some ideas.

It's never too late to make some changes. If you have been in trouble at school this year, maybe it's time to make some changes in your behaviour.

It won't be easy for others to unlearn the old you and accept the new you. But won't it be great to feel comfortable and accepted as part of the group instead of feeling left out by kids who think they could be in trouble too if they hang out with you?

Our topics on Peer group pressure and Problems with the teacher may be helpful to get you off to a great start in the final semester of this year.