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Special days
18 Aug 2008

How cold is it this month? Keeping warm can be a lot of fun though. Walking, bushwalking, cross country running, cycling, riding, team sports all give us good exercise and help us to keep warm.

Keeping active and learning new things can help beat the winter blues feeling that we can get when the sky is grey for long periods of time and it gets so cold at night.

Many Australians who have come to make their homes here have got special days to prepare for and celebrate this month.

In fact there is hardly a day during the next few months when there isn't a special celebration day happening for some of our people.

Look at this site and you will see what we mean:

If you know someone who is celebrating a special day this month, they will be pleased if you wish them a happy day, and maybe you will get to learn something more about our multicultural society.