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Have fun with your pets
25 Aug 2008

Do you have pets at your place? I bet they look forward to you coming home at the end of the day.

Well, many of them anyway. I expect fish don't get terribly excited, or creatures like tadpoles, hermit crabs and lizards - but dogs and horses certainly do!

Having a dog or a horse is really great because you always have something to do, taking care of them, playing with them, going off for walks or rides.

During school terms, especially near the end when you are madly trying to finish off projects and assignments, you may not have had too much spare time to spend with your animals.

But at weekends and after school you can have fun together.

  • Take the time to check up on how clean and healthy your pet is.
  • Clean up your pets sleeping area and wash any of his or her stuff, like blankets, bedding or winter coats.
  • Then give your pet a really good wash too. Use a proper pet shampoo.
  • Check up if you need to get worming tablets, flea powders or injections done.

Once you know that your pet is healthy, clean and up to date at the vets, then it’s time to have fun together. But take care. Our topic on Pets, keeping yourself safe can give you some tips.

Haven’t got a pet? Thinking about getting a dog? Look out for our new topic called Can we have a dog? It will give you good ideas on how to start, and what owning a dog is all about.

No pets? Maybe you can go to the zoo and enjoy looking at all the animals there.