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Aussie English
27 Oct 2008

From time to time we get feedback relating to our spelling of some words. As we are an Australian site, our writing reflects the language and spelling commonly used in Australia.

The spelling and grammar check tools on many computer word processors may reflect American usage, although we can set the language to be Australian English in Australia.

For example:

  • in Australia we use the word 'practise' as a verb and 'practice' as a noun. We practise our skills at a soccer practice.
  • 'Organise' and 'organisation' are spelt with an 's' not a 'z'.
  • Counselling has two 'l's.
  • We call our mother 'mum' rather than 'mom'.

The English language is changing all the time, wherever it is spoken. It is a living language which has a common base, but there are differences in each English-speaking country.

All English-speaking people can communicate together. It is the small differences which make that communication more interesting by highlighting the cultural background of the speaker or writer.