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29 Dec 2008

Salt can be bad for our health if we have too much of it.

Do you know how much you are eating?

  • You may not put salt on your food at home or in a restaurant, but how much salt has already been added to the food while it was being cooked?
  • How much salt is in packaged foods?
  • How much salt is in frozen foods?
  • How much salt is in snack foods?

Start thinking about salt:

  • Don't shake salt on your dinner.
  • Ask mum to look for salt-reduced foods or foods without salt, like fresh fruit and vegetables.

Often salt is called sodium - if you are checking the ingredients of packet, canned or processed foods.

Do you know that fresh meat has much less salt in it than processed meat?

You will soon get used to having less of that salty taste and you will be doing your body a favour.

Our topic on Salt has more information for you and a lot of interesting stuff about how we get salt. Why not take a look?