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Leaving primary school
12 Dec 2008

Lots of kids will be feeling really happy that it's the end of the school year. Some kids who are in year 7 will be having a few mixed feelings around this time.

Year 7s are not just reaching the end of a school year but also the end of their Primary years.

  • Maybe you are really happy?
  • Maybe you are a bit sad?
  • Maybe you are a feeling pretty confused right now?

It's okay to feel a bit mixed up. You will be leaving a school and many of the people you know. It's the end of a stage in your life.

Next year you will be in secondary school. You will go from being at the top end of one school to being at the bottom end of another.

Maybe you will be with some friends from Primary school or maybe you will have to make a whole new lot of friends.

Our topic on Going to high school may help you to sort out a few of the feelings and give you some ideas about making a good start. But, for now make sure that you enjoy your last few days in Primary school.

Enjoy the Graduation, the class trips, the break-up parties, the collecting of autographs and all the other exciting stuff that's happening.

Know that everyone else has mixed feelings too, including your teachers who have known you for so long.

Enjoy this time together. It will never come again but you will often remember it in the years to come.