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Holidays at last!
16 Dec 2008

Well a whole year of school has ended and it's time for the holidays. The Christmas holidays!

This year you have finished school early and have some time to go before Christmas day. You may be in holiday mode, but mum, dad or whoever cares for you may still be working. They may also still be running around getting ready for Christmas.

Maybe you are at home with a parent. Maybe you are spending time in Outside School Care during the day. Maybe you are staying with grandparents or family friends during the day.

Whatever you are doing, it may be quite a stressful time for the adults in your life. Getting ready for Christmas can be really hard work.

So, maybe you can help your family enjoy this time by working together to get things done. Here are some suggestions

  • Help by keeping your room tidy.
  • Help by doing jobs around the house and garden.
  • Help with the shopping.
  • Help in the kitchen.
  • Help by keeping out of the way and being really thoughtful of others.
  • Help put up the decorations.
  • Help wrapping presents - not those for you of course or you won’t have any surprises!

And if you don't celebrate Christmas, maybe you celebrate Hannukah or the Islamic New year and are getting organised for those celebrations?

Even if you don't celebrate any religious festival, it is a time of year when families spend more time together.

Help make this time enjoyable and enjoy your holidays.