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Your family
07 Mar 2011

Do you watch TV shows about families? Some families on TV are just too good to be true, while others are truly horrific!

There are many different kinds of family, but they all have one thing in common. Being part of a family means that you are part of a special group of people.

Most of you will be living with family members every day.

Do you ever have a bad day, the kind of day when you just want to stay in bed and not have to bother with anyone? Well everybody has days like that sometimes. Everybody has days when everything is great. Everybody has days when he or she feels sad, or tired, or lazy, or full of energy.

Living as part of a family can be challenging at times, as everyone in the family can be having different kinds of day!

And that's good because you can all learn to care about and help each other through bad and sad times. You can all help to celebrate the good times too.

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