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Thanks for your comments
04 Jul 2011

Thank you to all who use the feedback button to send us comments and suggestions. Many of our topics have been suggested by users of this site.

We have received comments from kids, young people, teachers, parents, Uni students, health professionals and other people who work with kids.

Here are just a few of the many we have received.

  • I think this site is a good idea for kids that find it hard to talk to their parents like me. I went here to look up stuff for a project but I started to read and liked it a lot. It's fun to read what other people think.
  • I think this website is good. I got a lot of information from this website that I needed for my school project. I couldn't find it anywhere else. Thanks.
  • I'm a 14 year old girl, and I loved your thing on Asperger Syndrome. I have it myself, and I was so glad that you mentioned that it is NOT a disease. I'm trying to get people to realise that, and I'm glad that people will know that.
  • I am a teacher of children aged 8-9 and I was really struggling to find explanation texts to use with my class. They loved your website! And so did I!
  • You just helped a bunch of students in New Jersey, USA during Autism Awareness Month!  Thank you.
  • I think this site is great! I am actually a parent and was helping my kids do projects for their health class and found this site. It is age-appropriate and gives great facts and advice. I am also a nurse and what's nice is that your info is accurate and often there is info on the web that isn't. So I say great job! Thank you!

Your feedback helps us to find new topics and add more to existing topics. We cannot answer personal questions but we are often able to collect together several similar questions and write a ‘What’s new’ on answering your questions or even write a whole new topic.

 Keep sending your feedback – we love to hear from you!