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Winter holidays
18 Jul 2011

Holidays are here! This time though it will not be hot and sunny for most of us in Australia but cold and wintry.

I guess some of you have made plans to do things with friends, or watch videos or play video games if the weather is wet and windy. Sometimes when there are grey skies we start to feel a bit 'grey' ourselves so make sure that you get outside and practise your sports skills, go for walks or bike rides with your friends as often as you can. Exercise is a great way to beat the winter 'blues' or 'greys'.

You may be lucky enough to be going on a holiday with your family, to somewhere warmer or maybe even somewhere even colder where there are all the fun activities you can do in snow!

But maybe your family is having a tough time right now – so check out our topic on Holidays if you are looking for some ideas on what you can do without having to spend money.

Make sure that you get plenty of good sleeps too. At this time of year there are lots of virus infections going around and you will be finishing the first semester at school and have probably been very busy catching up with work and getting things finished on time. So you could be feeling rather tired. Sleep is really important. It gives your body chance to repair itself, and to grow.

If you are not helping your body by giving it time to do this and it is trying to fight off germs too, then you could get sick. And who wants to be sick during the holidays?  Not me! Look at our topic 'Sleep – are you getting?' if you want to know more about what your body does while you’re asleep. Have a good holiday whatever you do!