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Scoliosis check
08 Aug 2011

The normal spine has three curves, one in the neck, one in the upper back, and one in the lower back. These curves can be seen from the side, but when you look from behind, the spine should look straight. If the spine has a sideways curve, this is scoliosis (sco-li-o-sis).

A few girls develop some scoliosis during their growing period at puberty but in most cases the curve is small and does not need treatment, and does not cause back pain or other problems.

Rarely girls have curves that are large enough to need treatment. If a large curve is not treated there can be some health problems and it does not look attractive.

Each year in July and August all schools in Australia are contacted and asked to give out to all girls in years 7 and 9, a 'Self detection brochure' telling their parents or carers how to check the girl's back to see if she has signs of scoliosis.

If you or your parents want to know more about scoliosis have a look at the topic 'Scoliosis' on the Parenting and Child Health part of this website.