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Brrrrr - it’s cold!!
22 Aug 2011

Winter has arrived, and even in the day time it can feel really cold.

So, how can you keep warm?

  • Wear layers of clothing. Wear a t-shirt or skivvy under your school shirt and make sure you have a fleecy top or jacket. You can always take heavier clothes off when you are indoors if you get too warm.
  • Watch the weather forecast and take a rainproof jacket or umbrella with you to keep out the wet. Sitting around in wet clothes is not a good idea – plus it’s a bit smelly when you start to dry out!
  • Wear water proof shoes. Sneakers are comfortable but not waterproof. Wet shoes and socks make feet cold.
  • Wear a hat. A hat keeps your head warm and helps stop body heat escaping.
  • Move around. Winter is a great time to do really active things like running, bike riding, skate boarding and playing all the winter games that would make you too hot in summer.
  • Eat a good breakfast to start the day warm and all fuelled up.
  • Don’t sit around by the heater too long. Get up and move to let your body warm you up naturally.
  • Dry your hair as soon as possible after you’ve been caught in the rain. Wet hair makes your head feel cold.

So, fuel up with good food, rug up against the weather and warm up by keeping moving and you won’t care how cold it gets