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Peer group pressure
23 Aug 2011

A peer group is a group of people who spend time with each other, such as groups of friends or people we go to school with. We are all influenced in some way by our peer groups.

  • Maybe we are influenced into wearing the same kind of clothing as others in the group.
  • Maybe we are influenced into joining the same clubs, sports, internet sites, social network sites etc as our peers.
  • Maybe we are influenced in the way we speak or behave.

Sometimes peers put pressure on each other to do things which they know their community thinks are not ok. This is called negative peer pressure and it can lead to young people to do things like stealing and doing damage to the property of others, like happened in the recent riots in England.

Being part of a peer group can help us feel that we belong, adding to our self esteem and helping us to develop as a person who is respected and accepted by our wider community, or it can lead to big trouble.

Look at our topic on Peer group pressure to find out more.