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It's lunchtime! Yay?
19 Sep 2011

Do you rush out at lunchtime to play games with your friends? Do you sit around and just chat with friends?

Or do you sit alone or wander about looking for someone to talk to or play with?

Well if you are 'busy, busy', you carry right on with that because you are helping your body and mind to relax from all that sitting and working, plus you are probably having lots of good exercise and a lot of laughs, both of which are so good for your body and mind.

Everyone likes to be alone sometimes, but all the time is not good.

  • Maybe you like to read or play a game by yourself?
  • Maybe you head for the Library or computer room?
  • Maybe you can’t find anyone to play with?
  • Maybe you don’t make friends easily?

If you seem to spend most playtimes on your own then maybe you could change that?

Our topics on Friendship and Making friends may give you some ideas.

You could also check out if there are any clubs or lunchtime activities running at your school which you can join in. You don’t have to be great at sport. There are often other clubs like chess, model making, science, drama, computing, or even gardening that you could join in with, make friends and have some fun.

And if there aren't any clubs running which interest you, see if you can talk your teacher into helping you to start one!