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Daylight saving at last!
27 Sep 2011

On October 2nd we will be putting the clocks forward for daylight saving in South Australia. How good that it is also the start of the holidays so that you kids can all enjoy the longer days and get used to the time change before heading back to school again.

It may also be time to think about summer sports and going swimming in outdoor pools, lakes or the sea. Of course you’ll be remembering to slip, slop, slap, seek and wrap while you’re outdoors having fun.

For some people Spring may not be so much fun. People who suffer from asthma or eczema may find that the rise in the pollen count can mean problems for them. Check up on your medications and be prepared.

Spring is a time of new life and everyone starts to feel more energetic.

So, use that energy and be active as much as possible. Next term will probably be very busy with lots of end of year activities coming up, maybe tests or even exams, followed by the summer holidays. Time seems to go faster towards the end of the year so make sure you pace yourself.