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I'm bored!
31 Oct 2011

"I'm bored!" Is this something you often say? Well if it is, you need to read our topic on Boredom to find out what you can do about it.

Being bored is such a waste of time! Time when you could be learning a new skill, making friends, trying to improve your personal best at something or a time when you could be relaxing and feeling good about yourself. Feeling bored can lead to feeling sad and depressed and even getting sick. Some people seem to think it's cool to say, "I'm bored". What boring people they must be!

Saying "boring" about something you are studying can seem like an easy get out for when you are not really trying or you are having problems understanding. There are very few people in the world who can learn quickly and easily whatever it is they are doing. Great athletes, scientists, writers, artists, etc. are not born great. They may have some natural gifts, but to develop their gifts to the max means lots of hard work and practice.

Some kids seem to think that they go to school to be entertained by the teachers rather than be taught and helped to learn. Some kids seem to think that someone will one day wave a magic wand and they will instantly become famous, or clever or skilful or have a great job without having to do any work themselves.

How sad!

Everyone has some talent which could be improved with some practice. So, instead of being bored -- get busy! You'll never know what you can do if you don't try.

What if you mess up? Try again. Our topic on Resilience may have some ideas to help you get back on track.