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World Sight Day
03 Oct 2011

World Sight Day is on Thursday 13th October this year.

It is a time for people all over the world to be aware of blindness, visual impairment and how people who have these problems can be helped.

In South Australia the Royal Society for the Blind are running a special event called the Dark to Light walk. To give an understanding of how life has improved for people who are vision impaired the walk is starting in the dark and continuing after sunrise.

The challenge for people who enter this walk is to raise at least $60 which will buy a special white cane for someone who is blind or vision impaired.

Maybe your friend or someone in your family is blind or vision impaired and your family would like to take part in this walk? You can find out more at

Our topic Problems with eyesight - blindness   can tell you more about blindness and vision impairment.