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Canteen - children living with cancer
17 Oct 2011

Is someone you know living with cancer? Many families would say 'yes' to that question. Many of you would know of older people who have had some kind of cancer. Many of you may have lost someone you love to cancer.

Cancer doesn't just 'pick on' older people. There are some kinds of cancer which affect kids and young people.

Our topics, What is cancer? and When someone you love has cancer will tell you more about cancer.

You can help kids with cancer by getting involved with fundraising for CanTeen. This is an organisation which helps young people who are living with cancer. Every year they sell bandannas to raise money.

Maybe your school has sold these bandannas? Maybe your Student Reps. have run it at recess or lunch? Maybe you could help this year?

Look at  for more information on National Bandanna day - Friday 28th October 2011.