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Menstruation – having a period
13 Jan 2014

We often get questions from girls and boys asking about menstruation.

We cannot answer your questions directly, but our topic Menstruation - facts and questions  is all about the  questions sent by kids through the Feedback button.

We have several topics which talk about puberty and changes to the body during this time in the lives of young people.

If you have questions, then look for Search and type in 'Puberty'.

There are at least 14 topics which will come up. Check them out, and if your question isn't answered in any of them then this is what to do.

  • Go to Feedback
  • Fill in the fields.
  • Write your question.
  • Click on submit.

If your question hasn't been answered, we will add it to the right topic.

If your question is really something which is worrying you, then talk to a trusted adult as soon as possible. A trusted adult is someone like a parent or carer, family member, school counsellor, teacher, nurse or doctor.

Asking other kids could make you feel even more worried! They may not know the right answer or may want to tease you by making things up.