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What are you missing?
21 Feb 2014

Do you have a mobile phone or an iPad? Do you walk around 'plugged in' to music?

At sporting events, travelling on public transport, sitting in cafes and even in the playground, so many people seem to not be actually taking part in what is happening around them.

If you are one of these people, stop and ask yourself this question - What are you missing?

Why not...?

  • talk to your friends face to face
  • join in and support your team
  • notice what is happening around you when you are travelling
  • look at other people
  • smile and interact with those around you
  • be aware of where you are—keep yourself and others safe
  • get out and get active.

You’ll be amazed at how interesting your life can be if you are taking part in what is happening where you happen to be.

Technology is a wonderful tool for all sorts of applications - but be careful that it doesn’t take over your life or spoil someone else’s.

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