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When you need to talk to someone
20 Jun 2014

Sometimes you just need to talk to someone.

  • Maybe you are having problems at home or at school?
  • Maybe you feel like you have no friends?
  • Maybe you feel that the teacher doesn’t like you?
  • Maybe you feel sad because you have lost something or someone from your life?
  • Maybe you feel afraid?
  • Maybe you are being bullied?
  • Maybe you are worried about someone you know?
  • Maybe you are feeling really stressed out?  
  • Maybe you feel sad or scared and don’t really know why?

 So, you need to talk to someone about what is worrying you. Who could you talk to?

You could talk to one of your friends whom you trust. You could talk to one or more of your trusted adults.

Who are trusted adults? They are adults you can trust to listen and help you.

  • Adults like your mum, dad or whoever looks after you at home
  • An older brother or sister
  • Another person in your family, like grandma, grandad, an aunt or uncle
  • A teacher or School Counsellor.

Have you thought about who you can talk to when you have problems?

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