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Older people in your life
04 Jul 2014

Do you have a grandma or granddad? Great grandparents? Older aunts and uncles?  How often do you see them?

  • Maybe they live with you?
  • Maybe they used to baby-sit you when you were little?
  • Maybe they still come and look after you?
  • Maybe they collect you from school or take you to sports practice or after school activities?

If you do have a lot of contact with older people, how lucky you are! Older people - I’m talking 40 years and older - have seen many changes in their lives. They can be an amazing help with school projects!

Many of them went to schools at a time when kids were expected to learn and remember all sorts of things (before calculators, computers and the internet) and they still can remember, even though their schooldays may have been a very long time ago!

Some older people can remember a time before computers, colour TV or even any TV!

Older people can teach you how to do things like knitting, riding a bike, gardening, sewing, model making and millions of other things.

A great thing is that many older people have time to spend with you - time to listen to you, time to help you and time spent with you enjoying each other’s company.

Nowadays a lot of older people still live very busy and active lives. Many still work and many are busy with all sorts of things like being a volunteer to help others, involved in sports, travelling and many other interesting ways of using their time. So make the most of any time you can get with them.

If you are lucky enough to have older people in your life then this topic may be interesting for you.