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It’s show time!
01 Sep 2014

If you live in South Australia then you know all about the Royal Adelaide Show.

You may have been to see it at some time. Many kids who live in Adelaide go every year. Lots of kids come from the country with their families. Some kids enter into events themselves or help look after and show animals in one of the arenas.

You can see cows, sheep, birds, dogs and lots of interesting machinery to do with farming. You can pet baby animals in one place and watch a Grand Parade in the main arena. You can watch all sorts of events for free if you get your timetable sorted out.

I know lots of you enjoy the fairground rides and watching exciting events in the main arena. Some kids go with their teacher and classmates, others with family or friends. Take care on the rides and watch out for younger kids who are with you.

You may go on special trails through the Show to find out about all kinds of foods. Some of you may have entered something into the cooking, artwork or craft and even won prizes! Whatever your interest most kids I know like to get at least 1 show bag.

Maybe you’ve been saving up pocket money and now you’ve checked out all the show bags and you’re ready to shop? My kids used to leave the show bag shopping until late afternoon, and then we would all go and sit in the big arena and look at them before watching the last show of the day and the fireworks.

Nowadays, show bags are much more expensive than when my kids were younger. So choose carefully.

Maybe money is tight at your place right now and you won’t get to go this year? Don’t feel too sad. The Show has been going for many years and will be around for many more. And one day when you are grown up you may be taking your kids down to the Wayville Showgrounds and sharing their fun and excitement!

Don’t forget to 'Slip,Slop,Slap,Seek and Slide' - put your sunscreen on before you go and make sure you put on more after lunch. Our topic on ‘Sunburn' will tell you more.

Take your lunch with you and you can save money. 'A healthy lunch box' has some good ideas.

Keep safe. If you are a bigger kid, then keep an eye out for younger brothers and sisters and work out with  the adults you are with what to do and where to go if you can’t find each other.