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29 Apr 2016

Have you noticed how the trees are changing? Beautiful colours and then along comes the wind and the leaves flutter down.

Maybe you are bored being at home after a week or two of holidays...

Well, I expect you’ve had longer sleeps, stayed up late, watched TV and played games on your computer. Maybe you’ve been lucky enough to visit places and friends?

Lots of places cost money.

Maybe you are ready to try something active without money! So, here are a few ideas to get you outside for a while.

  • Catch leaves at the nearest playground or park .It could be a game between you and your friends to see how many different leaves you can catch in a minute.
  • You can see how many different kinds you can collect then take the best ones home.
  • If you paint the underneath of the leaf you can print pictures, so you could make birthday cards, pictures, a collage, or lots of other things.
  • You can stick the leaves onto cardboard and make a picture that way.
  • Find out the names of the trees they came from.
  • Walk around and see how many different plants and trees you can name.
  • See how many different birds you can spot.
  • How many insects you can see.

Got the idea? I’m sure when you get started you can find lots more things to do out in the fresh air and enjoying the cooler days and the colours of Autumn.

Have fun!