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Food Allergy Week - 15-21 May
09 May 2016

One in 10 babies born in Australia will develop a food allergy.

You may be someone who has an allergy to certain foods. You may know someone who has a food allergy.

People can also be allergic to stings and bites from insects.

Maybe your school does not allow kids to bring food like nuts and peanut paste, because there are some kids who are so allergic to these foods that they have developed Anaphylaxis [say anna-fill-ax-iss].

This is when a person comes into contact with something to which they are severely allergic, and they may swell up, have difficulty breathing, have very itchy skin and could be in great danger if they are not treated very quickly.

It is important to get help right away if someone has an allergic reaction to anything.

Our topic Anaphylaxis-when an allergy can be really dangerous will tell you more.

This site will tell you how you can help people who suffer from allergies: