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Talking to someone helps
29 Jul 2016

Sometimes we get really sad messages from kids using the feedback button.

“My mum wants a divorce. I can understand how she feels but I just feel so mad I want to scream. What’s going to happen to us?”

They are hurting because their family is going through really bad times.

We feel sad because we cannot reply directly to them or talk to them. But, we are glad that they are able to talk about how they feel.

When parents or carers decide that one or both of them wants to get out of their relationship, then all the family goes through a really bad time.

Sometimes kids may feel that it is their fault in some way. It isn’t. You are a child. The adults make the decisions.

“What can I do?” “How can I concentrate at school when everything is so awful at home?”

Sometimes the adults get so involved in their own feelings and emotions that they seem not to realise how the kids are feeling.

“My brother just sits in his room and doesn’t talk to anyone.”

If you or your friend are in the middle of a family break up then know that you are not alone.

Talk to trusted adults like other family members, teachers and school counsellors.

Look at our topic on 'When parents split up'.

  • Talk to your parents or carers.
  • Talk to your trusted adults.
  • Talk to organisations such as these listed below (these are for Australians, but there are sure to be online organisations where you live).

We get messages from kids who are being bullied, who are moving schools, who don’t get on with other kids in their family, who are worried about changes to their body and feelings as they are starting puberty, and on many other topics.

All the topics on this site have been written because kids have asked questions and wanted to know more.

Many of our topics have a section called ‘What kids say’. This is because we take topics into classrooms, where the kids make suggestions, add comments and draw the pictures which are in the topic.

If you are going through a bad time, remember that talking about your worries helps.

Take care of yourself.