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11 Aug 2016

Have you been watching any of the Olympics?

All these athletes from all over the world doing their best to win a medal are really amazing!

There are athletes who are competing in the Olympics for the first time and there are others who have competed before. There are athletes of all ages in many different sports.

Soon we will be watching the Paralympics.

All these athletes have spent many hours training, practising and competing to be able to become an Olympian. They have devoted their lives to their sport.

All the athletes taking part have one thing in common. They kept going and didn’t give in to tiredness, injuries and disappointment.

We all have something we are quite good at.

To excel at something takes a lot of work and… RESILIENCE!

We can’t all become famous athletes, actors, singers, dancers, sportspeople, etc. BUT we can all try our hardest to be the best that we can be at whatever we are doing.

Our topic Resilience - don’t let things get you down will tell you more about this.