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Give it your best shot!
05 Sep 2016

Well, our Olympic athletes have returned home and it’s now the turn of our Paralympians.

Some people are born with a disability. Some people are disabled by illness, accident or act of war.

Paralympians train for their event, compete against others and at the same time they deal with whatever problems are caused by their disability in their everyday lives.

For every person who is selected to represent his or her country in any sport, there are hundreds more who work, train hard and do their very best.

They can’t all become sports stars but they should feel proud of themselves. They have all given it their best shot.

Our topic “Put your best foot forward!’ is about trying to do your best at whatever you are doing.

We can’t all be elite athletes, or famous actors, politicians and business leaders. We can all try to be the best we can be.

If you try your hardest at whatever you do, you will find yourself with others who do the same. It’s a great feeling to hang out with positive hard working people.

So, whatever you are doing, give it your best shot!