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It’s getting hot… but don’t forget your flu shot!
03 Dec 2018

Pregnancy - flu shot in summer

Influenza is a serious illness. Pregnant women are strongly encouraged to protect themselves and their baby by getting the influenza vaccine, any time of the year.

Having the flu vaccine during pregnancy is safe for the mother and the developing baby. The vaccine is free in Australia for pregnant women.

Based on research from previous influenza pandemic events and from some intense influenza seasons, pregnant women are considered at greater risk of contracting influenza. In Australia the highest risk time for influenza is the winter months, but pregnant women are encouraged to get the flu vaccine, regardless of the time of year.

For more information about immunisation and pregnancy, have a look at the SA Health website or pamphlet 'Immunisations during pregnancy'.

There is more information from the SA Health Immunisation section, Flu vaccine and pregnancy frequently asked questions