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Parent Helpline

The South Australian Parent Helpline is a telephone information service for parents in South Australia.

  • 1300 364 100  (local call cost within South Australia)
  • Other Parent Helplines in Australia

    The Helpline provides telephone information and support at any time 7 days a week (calls received between 7.15am - 9.15pm will be answered by local Parent Helpline staff; calls received outside these hours will be automatically redirected to the national healthdirect helpline).

    • It is available to parents of children from birth to 5 years who live anywhere in South Australia.
    • It provides information about health, behaviour and relationships for parents and people working with children and young people.
    • It is able to provide information to callers on where to go for further help.
    • Calls are confidential and you don't have to give your name unless you wish to.
    • Parent Helpline staff access information based on the latest research, so they can give you the most up-to-date information when you call.
    • Staff are qualified nurses, social workers and community health workers. All staff receive ongoing training and support.

    Some examples of the information available from the Parent Helpline...

    • Health:
      - skin rashes, head lice, infectious diseases, immunisation, teething, bedwetting, gastro and fevers.
    • Behaviour:
      - sleep, aggression, sibling rivalry, problem solving, toilet training, unsettled babies, bullying.
    • Nutrition:
      - feeding babies, fussy eaters, general nutrition information.
    • Parenting:
      - building self esteem, grief and separation, resources for counselling, stepfamilies, child protection issues.
    • Parents:
      - postnatal depression, pregnancy, mastitis, coping with parenting, support.

    Other Parent Helplines in Australia

    Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

    New South Wales (NSW)

    Northern Territory (NT)

    Queensland (QLD)

    Tasmania (TAS)

    • Parenting Line - 1300 808 178

    Victoria (VIC)

    • Parentline - 13 22 89

    Western Australia (WA)

    All Child and Family Health Services are free and statewide. They are provided by qualified nurses, medical staff, social workers, physiotherapists and Indigenous Cultural Consultants.

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