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Residential Service (Torrens House)


Torrens House offers intense support for all South Australian families with infants aged up to 12 months, in relation to unresolved feeding, settling and sleeping issues.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Torrens House (residential service) has adopted an interim approach to the way it provides care and support to families that have been referred as requiring additional support.

Families are encouraged to talk to their CaFHS nurse about their individual situation, and the CaFHS nurse may then refer to Torrens House as the next step. There may be a waiting list for Torrens House stays, and priority will depend on a number of factors, including the age of your infant, the issues you are experiencing and the number of referrals at the time.

Most recently these interim approaches have been reviewed and Torrens House is now able to offer a small number of families admission with overnight stay support, whilst continuing to offer Telehealth as a ‘virtual stay’ for other families who need additional support with their infant. During this virtual stay, families are offered 24 hour support via phone and video from Torrens House nursing staff from Tuesday through to Friday. Families are allocated the same nursing staff throughout their admission or virtual stay to ensure continuity of care. Staff make contact with the families receiving Telehealth, at least twice a shift and encourage them to phone for support at any other time throughout their virtual stay including during the night. Face to face consults may be required during a family’s virtual stay. This is determined on a needs basis and discussed with the family at the time, taking into consideration social distancing and screening requirements.

During their admission or virtual stay families have access to a qualified team of nurses, social workers, psychologists, General Practitioners and a paediatric registrar who are committed to working in partnership with families to:

  • build confidence in communicating with their baby
  • learn new skills to help baby with feeding, settling and sleeping
  • develop a care plan that will support them at home and continue their journey as a caregiver.

For any queries or concerns, please call 1300 733 606 to speak with a CaFHS nurse.

For any questions or for further information, please contact the Torrens House Intake Coordinator, Torrens House on 8303 1522.

PDF document Download the Torrens House brochure (643kb)

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